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DevOps Engineer

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November 25 2021 
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The era of manual infrastructure management has gone the way of the dodo. The BlackBerry Radar Cloud Service team is looking for people with a love of building infrastructure through 'code' with the mission to develop a highly performant, fault-tolerant, scalable, distributed system in the 'cloud'.  Why release monthly or quarterly when you could be releasing hourly?  We need to deliver content continuously with reliability, and resiliency, from development to production in minutes.

If your browser history contains cloud service provider links , /r/devops, container technologies, continuous deployment blogs, automated scaling, and fault detection, then this is very likely the job for you.

While we are happy to provide DevOps professionals who want to specialize in that role exclusively the opportunity to do so, we also recognize that DevOps works best as a first class citizen in the product development process.  For that reason, we encourage interested DevOps personnel to also spend time contributing to the services they look after - that is, working side by side with the development teams, implementing features and fixing bugs to advance the products in the marketplace.  In that capacity, your passion for the products we develop will have the opportunity to shine. 

You'll need to have:

·         A workhorse mentality with 3 to 5 years of experience, willing to pitch in on stuff big and small to get things done

·         A passion for making stuff better for everyone

·         Mad UNIX/Linux Skills

·         Lots of experience with version control (Git)

·         A love for automating tasks, deployments, and builds (Jenkins, Groovy)

·         An affinity for writing code (Shell, Python, Node.js, Go, javascript, AngularJS, React, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)

·         A passion for unit testing and TDD

·         Experience with cloud computing concepts/solutions (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, OpenStack...)

·         Knowledge in big data databases (RDS, Cassandra, ElasticSearch)

·         An appreciation for what it means to scale, distribute, maintain and debug a live, organic, system while still maintaining a sense of humor

It'd be awesome if you have experience with:

·         Container Orchestration Technologies (Docker, rkt, ECS, Kubernetes)

·         Automation Tools (Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Packer)

·         Metric collection/analysis infrastructures (think TICK, Elastic Stack, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios)

·         Continuous Deployment Methodologies (bonus if you know Jez Humble personally)

·         Scripting languages (bash, python, etc...)

·         Machine learning and/or big data analytics

You'll be working on things like:

·         Developing tooling for orchestrating the continuous integration process and provisioning cloud infrastructure

·         Developing and improving the build and packaging process of various components

·         Exploring new infrastructure and development tools and technologies

·         Developing monitoring and analysis infrastructure to provide a reliable/resilient platform

Things we like:

·         Docker

·         Terraform

·         Github

·         Elastic Stack

·         Go

·         Python


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Product Development

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to be discussed
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Ottawa , ON