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Senior Software Developer to Develop and maintain priority applications with C# and .NET Framework

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Publication date: 
September 27 2020 
Main functions: 
?Senior Software Developer to Develop and maintain priority applications with C# and .NET Framework.
resources will be needed on an ''as an when needed'' basis for up to four (4) years part time be responsible for the following:
  • Design, develop, test, deploy and document new database system development as required by the business
  • Ensure COTS systems remain online and fully functional.
  • Develop and prepare diagrammatic plans for solution of business, scientific and technical problems by means of computer systems of significant size and complexity
  • Analyze the problems outlined by the systems analysts/designers in terms of such factors as style and extent of information to be transferred to and from storage units, variety of items to be processed, extent of sorting, and format of final printed results
  • Select and incorporate available software programs
  • Design detailed programs, flow charts, and diagrams indicating mathematical computation and sequence of machine operations necessary to copy and process data and print the results
  • Translate detailed flow charts into coded machine instructions and confer with technical personnel in planning programs
  • Verify accuracy and completeness of programs by preparing sample data, and testing them by means of system acceptance test runs made by operating personnel
  • Correct program errors by revising instructions or altering the sequence of operations
  • Test instructions, and assemble specifications, flow charts, diagrams, layouts, programming and operating instructions to document applications for later modification or reference
Successful candidates will have:
  • Extensive C# and .NET experience
  • Extensive MS or SQL Query experience
  • Government of Canada Experience using Active Directory integration for security access
to be discussed
Working experience
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Work place
Ottawa , ON