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Sr. Sensemaking Specialist to focus onnovel concepts and approaches to develop situational awareness and understanding in ambiguous situations of high comp

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16 septembre 2020 
Principales fonctions: 
Our valued private sector client requires a Sr. Sensemaking Specialist to focus on novel concepts and approaches to develop situational awareness and understanding in ambiguous situations of high complexity or uncertainty and make decisions.

  • Design individual and collective processes by which tacit knowledge (e.g., experience, expertise, and culture) is combined with real-time information to identify, form, and articulate appropriate models of the situation.
  • Design capabilities to extract meaningful activities and patterns from the battlespace / operational environment picture and to share this awareness across the network with appropriate participants.
  • Design capabilities to temporally project activities and patterns into alternative futures so as to identify emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Design approaches to generate options, predict adversary actions and reactions, and understand the direct and indirect effects of particular courses of action in their social, political, and economic contexts.
  • Design and implement information fusion systems based on related fields like artificial intelligence and data/information fusion.
Must Have Skills:
  • 10+ years of experience as a Sensmaking Specialist or 5+ years of experience with a relevant Ph.D.
  • Develop decision analysis studies in one of several areas, including information imperfection modelling theories (e.g., probability, possibility and fuzzy sets theories), information correlation, data fusion theory, information fusion (including fusion models, e.g., JDL), classification theories, pattern recognition.
  • Design and implementation of systems based on fields like artificial intelligence, optimisation, business intelligence and decision support and analysis.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise of statistics, machine learning, evidence theory, fuzzy logic and controls Intelligent solutions.
  • Expertise in several of the following: rule based analyses, critical analyses, modelling and simulation, analysis approaches/techniques/algorithms risk modelling, what-if analysis, robustness analysis, human decision-making modelling.
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Ottawa , ON