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bariatrix nutrition inc.

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General Worker - Day, Evening & Night Shift

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> 20 days 
Main functions: 
  • Assist machine operators in the removal of packing materials from and around the machines, counting, packing boxes and stacking pallets.
  • Ensure that all products, materials and waste from the previous production, are removed from the line
  • Wash, wipe and sanitize machine parts in preparation for the next production. Use the brush, vacuum cleaner or compressed air to release the line of product residues and packing material
  • Count the rejected material (crates, displays, etc.)
  • Pick up bars and packaging material on the ground
  • Empty the containers adjoining the weight verifiers and weigh the rejected bars again
  • Verify the quality of the codes, packing and closing of containers to ensure a good product for the customer Remove the waste accumulated in the production areas, weigh them and place them in waste containers. Enter the weights obtained on the appropriate report. Change plastic bags from waste containers.
  • Pack the bars directly into the boxes.
  • Bring the designated packaging material to the machines and fill them out when requested
  • Refill the packaging material when necessary
  • Communicate quality and any food safety issues to supervisor and quality control department
  • Perform other related duties and general work on the production line
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High school
Working experience
Minimum experience required: 
0-2 years
Work place
Lachine , QC