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Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Mechanic

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8 décembre 2022 
Principales fonctions: 
Performs, at the journeyman level, skilled maintenance and repairs to all heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration systems along with all related instrumentation and controls associated with the building ventilation and related building systems to meet indoor air quality standards, in conformance with accepted local and national regulatory codes and established policies and procedures.
  1. Investigates HVAC trouble calls, temperature complaints and alarms using methods such as reviewing work requests, accessing the Building Management System (BMS) to look at system operational status and/or site conditions; consults with end users to determine the nature of the problem; interprets HVAC systems engineering drawings, and specifications to determine sequence of operations; visually inspects and/or tests instrumentation controls to determine if the system is functioning within design parameters; starts/stops equipment and/or makes necessary adjustments, modification or repairs to bring the system back to within design parameters; takes measurements such as temperature, flow and pressure to determine if sensors are functioning.
  2. Performs refrigeration work on direct expansion cooling systems, fridges, freezers, coolers and ice machines by cleaning, repairing, calibrating and adjusting controllers and sensors, replacing components, and checking and repairing refrigerant leaks; replaces components such as compressors, valves and fans; installs motors, controls and switches and thread piping for gas and other fluids; proficient in brazing and soldering.
  3. Performs preventative maintenance on all HVAC and refrigeration related equipment, systems and controls by cleaning, testing, calibrating and replacing parts as required; maintains appropriate documentation; uses the computerized preventative maintenance system to access maintenance records, and inputs the maintenance tasks completed, the length of time to complete the tasks, and any other relevant data; provides input to management on the establishment of preventative maintenance schedules based on data gathered.
  4. Maintains computer hardware and software database associated with the BMS by troubleshooting computer problems, installing and programming new and existing devices and software; reviews trend logs and sequence of operation to ensure systems are functioning within design parameters; refers software application problems/changes to Control System Companies holding the service contracts; performs backup to the BMS database; transcribes/updates building and system graphical plans and drawings into the BMS; makes BMS software changes as required.
  5. Maintains an inventory log of refrigerant losses and usage on the site as per regulatory codes; follows recovery and disposal procedures of all equipment refrigerants as per regulatory codes and maintains a written log of same; maintains an inventory of supplies, equipment and tools; evaluates/recommends purchase or related equipment and supplies; completes requisitions of supplies and equipment, as needed.
  6. Liaises with outside contractors to ensure adherence to contract specifications and facility requirements.
  7. Repairs, rebuilds, tests, calibrates and installs pneumatic and electronic instrumentation and control devices, for valves, actuators, thermostats, electronic pneumatic transducers, air compressors, gauges, sensor, regulators, low voltage electric motors, and mixing boxes.
  8. Repairs fume hoods by testing airflow using a velocity probe and/or flow hood and repairing and/or replacing components such as the motor, blower, belts and flow sensors.
  9. Responds to indoor air quality complaints and conducts air quality studies by measuring temperature, humidity, oxygen/carbon dioxide levels and performing air balancing using methods such as measuring air flow using an electronic flow hood, comparing actual air flow measurements to specified standards, adjusting balancing valves in ducts, repairing and/or making recommendations for modifications.
  10. Performs/documents regular verification of negative pressure isolation room air handling systems and control devices to ensure they continue to operate within design parameters.
  11. Makes recommendations on HVAC system design by reviewing drawings/specifications to determine the specified sequence of events; inputs system operating parameters into the BMS according to design specifications; tests the system to identify design flaws and/or design changes that will make the system more effective/efficient; communicates recommendations to management, consultants and/or contractors.
  12. Commissions modified installations by testing the system to verify that devices respond appropriately to the specified parameters/instructions, commanding the BMS to assume automatic control and monitoring the system by reviewing computer logs and historical records looking for abnormal or inefficient fluctuations in equipment and system operation; makes recommendations and updates the HVAC and refrigeration preventive maintenance schedules.
  13. Assists in the operation of chillers, cooling towers and associated distribution pumps by checking and recording daily operating conditions and outputs and participating in the development strategies for staging and engaging these units to meet the daily cooling needs of the facilities in the most energy efficient and cost effective manner while maintaining peak operating conditions.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Certificate of Apprenticeship or Trade Qualification Certificate as a journeyman Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic or equivalent Trade, Class B level Gas Fitter's Licence with an electrical endorsement recognized by the Province of B.C. Two (2) years recent related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to deal with others effectively
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings and specifications
  • Physical ability to perform the duties of the position
  • Ability to operate related equipment
  • Ability to organize work
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