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Senior Quality Assurance to support the UL Tools Application

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23 juillet 2020 
Principales fonctions: 
The following general task descriptions are indicative of the work that the Contractor must perform. The ordering of tasks is not indicative of priority. The tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Design, build and implement the initial and ongoing maintenance software releases including all available enhancements, extensions, improvements, updates, upgrades, versions, renames, rewrites, version roll-back, and other modifications as deemed required by the TA based on RCAF business requirements
  • Provide Delivery and Support Services to the AFCCIS ISS Organization to include installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of servers, software and related infrastructure supporting AFMIS. Participate in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure in order to ensure that hosting system hardware, operating systems and software systems adhere to DND policies, procedures and guidelines are adhered to;
  • Conduct of the technical evaluation, configuration, testing and the implementation support needed to evaluate and implement system changes and/or Software releases. This task includes the development of a rollout plan and documentation, handover/training and transition to in-service support;
  • Provide assistance with the business requirements gathering for the implementation of the Software, the user-specific processes and business rules, and design or configuring the Software to deliver the functionality that will support these processes and business rules;
  • Prepare and create presentations to project management personnel, senior management and units when requested by the TA;
  • Assist the ISS Team in creating user accounts and in assigning user privileges at the onset of the deployment;
  • Participate in joint site surveys to identify data elements and related business processes that need to be captured at the survey sites and provide guidance in the initial preparation of the tool configuration steps;
  • Install, configure and test the Software in Ottawa and at other RCAF locations across Canada. Some work can be done remotely while some configuration will occur on-site. Appendix 3 provides a list of potential locations;
  • Provide support from Ottawa to the personnel deploying the Software at distant sites, and occasionally travelling to these sites to resolve issues;
  • Support management of progress against key technology initiative action plans, track progress, issues and risks, report on status and communicate timelines and progress to TA for escalation as necessary;
  • Maintain and support the AFMIS lab environment made of a collection of virtual machines which can be used to: develop and test applications, troubleshoot and diagnose problems associated with the suite of AFMIS applications; prepare and run a build-deploy-test workflow to test a solution in a laboratory before transitioning into production, develop production implementation plan and all associated documentation, run manual and automated tests and create reproducible bugs using the laboratory environment; and
  • Respond to issues, problems and inquiries reported by the Client's personnel for services that the software is expected to provide in accordance with product documentation.
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