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Summer Garage Internship Program: Software Engineering & Program Management - Vancouver

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1 août 2020 
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The Garage is an innovative program that gives university students the opportunity to work with industry leaders and their peers to build apps for the latest Microsoft platforms.  Garage students work in small teams with modern engineering toolsets to build and ship their work.  Each team is responsible for an app, starting with product definition, working through design and development; and if successful, wrapping up with the public launch of the app in the Store.  Coaches and technical leaders from across Microsoft provide guidance and expertise.    .

Garage Principles:  

  • Invest in great talent: The Garage provides an opportunity for students to experience the breadth of Microsoft technologies and to practice engineering in a fast-paced environment.  We grow talent and provide an on-ramp for interns to move into future internship or full-time positions at Microsoft.  
  • Build on Microsoft platforms: Microsoft's strategic platform is constantly moving forward.  Our teams build apps and cloud-powered services on Windows, Xbox One, HoloLens, Surface Hub and Azure with APIs from OneDrive, OneNote, Xbox Live, and others.  
  • Ship fast with quality: The Garage uses modern engineering infrastructure and an agile development model to ship apps in 16weeks.  Our apps ship to Microsoft's app stores and have received accolades from press, partners, and customers alike. 

As a team member in the Garage, you'll bring a product to life by working with a small team with guidance and insight from a team of experienced technical coaches and mentors.

Program Manager  

Program Managers (PMs) are the in-house advocates for millions of people worldwide who predict and research how software is used and work closely with Software Engineers (SWEs) to ensure our products exceed people's expectations.  

Software Engineer 

Software engineers (SWEs) collaborate with a committed team to design, develop and test the next generation of technology solutions for millions of people.  

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Vancouver , BC