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Terms of contract

It is forbidden to use with other ends than to recruit candidates or to look for a job.

It is forbidden to post an offer for a non-existent job or for a job that have an incomplete, untrue or inaccurate description.

Will be declined, the companies:

1) making the promotion of a "work at home" kind of job or affiliate program.

2) using with other ends than to recruit candidates.

3) asking candidates for money to apply or have access to a job.

It is forbidden to use the logo, the images, the graphics and the information contained in for business or advertising ends. authorizes you to view and download any information present on its site, only and exclusively for personal and non commercial purpose.

Any other use of the site is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to do the promotion of a website that have similar activities as, such as a job website, a website that contains a job section or a job research site.

It is strictly forbidden, for a company and / or trainer to include the company name the word "Confidential" (or any terms other than the name of the company).

It is strictly forbidden, for a candidate, to contact employers in an abusive way (to spam).

When you use this site, you also engage yourself to the following:
  • Not use different identities;
  • Not compile personal information of other users (such as e-mail address) with the intent of transmitting unauthorized promotional information;
  • Not export information collected on the site;
  • Not use the site in a way that can, directly or indirectly, break the law or induce an investigation or pursuits against us.

  • It is absolutely forbidden to use any obscene, offensive, violent, racist texts, illegal material that would violate anyone's private or public intellectual property on This will lead to immediate expulsion.

    Will be declined, job offers:

    1) containing invalid or incomprehensible infomation.

    2) that are not complete. You must place a clear and precise offer by explaining the job in details.

    3) containing non specific informations.

    4) having an erotic or sexual content.

    5) announcing affiliate sites.

    6) offering a work from home type of job.

    7) Posted twice. The same job should not be posted more than once on JobMire.

    8) Referring to another method of application than the one proposed on JobMire (Apply button). It is forbidden to write an email in a job posting. (You must buy an option to do so)

    9) mentioning a website in your job posting that offers the consultation of jobs other than on JobMire. (You must buy an option to do so)

    10) where the employer asks the candidate to pay to apply for a job.

    11) referring to more than one job. We accept only one job offer per ad.

    12) in sale, marketing commission if the employer does not have a subscription.

    Access to our bank of candidates policy
    All forms of contacts to candidates must be used reasonably with the intention of offering a job to a candidate in relation with your job offer posted on the website of Jobmire and not to make the promotion of your services or your Web site.

    Each day, you can contact a reasonable limited number of candidates to avoid abuse which could be considered as SPAM.

    Purchase and refund conditions (Paid options)

    This contract constitutes a legal agreement between the site user and JobMire. The site user accepts all the conditions of this contract when he/she make a purchase.
    JobMire reserves the right to reject or cancel any purchase made by a member that does not act in conformity with the rules.

    Purchase policy

    The total amount of your purchase will have to be paid entirely at the time of the purchase.

    Once you made a purchase on JobMire, you will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. You should keep this e-mail as a proof of the subscription you've bought because we could ask for it if there are any problems with your subscription.

    Cancellation policy

    JobMire does not do any refund on sales. All sales are final. A purchase can be cancelled ONLY if you did not begin to use your subscription and if your purchase was made during the last 3 days.

    Here is the details of the requirements to cancel a purchase:

    1) You did not send ANY targeted mailing
    2) You did not contact ANY candidate
    3) Your purchase was made during the last 3 days

    To ask for the cancellation of a purchase, you must use the contact form, by entering your username, the date of the purchase, the amount of the purchase and the reason of your cancellation request.


    You are responsible of the confidentiality of your password and your user account. You are responsible of all the activities of your account and you accept to inform immediately JobMire in any case of unauthorized use of your account.

    JobMire is not responsible of the incurred losses in case of unauthorized use of your user account and your password.

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    It is the responsibility of the employer and the candidate to complete the transaction together, if required. Although we make the best efforts to ensure security and to maintain integrity on our site, we cannot guarantee and we make no statement as for quality and legality of the job offer displayed, as for validity or as for accuracy of descriptions, or as for skills of the candidates.

    The user recognizes that does not carry out research on the solvency, the legal situation or the capacity to keep their engagement of these members (employers or candidates).

    Jobmire does not guarantee a continuous and secured access to its services.

    Under no circumstances JobMire, its administrators, its employees and its representatives will be kept responsible for no claim or damage, direct or indirect, following from the use of this site, from services provided on this site, from the information contained on this site or the interpretation of the regulations.

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